My Photography

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Ed Bierman - photo of a sea nettle

My Photography

Photography is a passion of mine, and I have many photos uploaded to the internet –  mostly on Flickr where I have been a member since the service began in 2004.   The license of my photos is open Attribution CC BY as defined by Creative Commons.  This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon my images, even commercially, as long as they credit me for the original creation.  I do like it when a person lets me knows before a photos publication that they will use it.  Since I do leave the license like this, I do find my photos appearing on many personal blogs, educational and travel websites and Wiki pages.

I spend a lot of time indexing and meta-tagging the images that I post making them each to find.  I think there are many beautiful photos out there, but many people don’t take the time to tag them properly.

Current Equipment:

  • I have an older Nikon D80 which I don’t use a lot anymore.  I have a few lenses for portraits and a 300mm that I will pull out for parades and other large events but usually don’t carry it around.
  • Canon G12 – This is the camera that I take underwater with me on most dives.   It is an advanced point and shoot that allows for manual photography and shoots RAW.   I also have a Sea&Sea strobe.   I do use this camera above the water but not as much anymore with the advent of cameras on Smart Phones.
  • GoPro – I also have a GoPro that I take underwater for video and have a nice video light as well.  I don’t often use the GoPro above the water except for a few times when I used a drone.
  • Samsung Note 5 – my most often used camera is my smartphone, like most people.  Since it is everywhere with me I’m using it all the time to take everything from food porn, things I see on the streets and I’ve found it excellent to use in museums and galleries where flash is not allowed.
  • Samsung 360 – I’m currently eyeing the Samsung 360 Gear photo and video “ball” that will allow me to do 360 images.  It has come out overseas but not in the U.S. yet.

Common Subjects:

  • Underwater marine life
  • Landscapes
  • Travel photography
  • History and Art Museums

Where you can see my photos:

  1. Flickr – member since the beginning, although my current account is my 2nd one.
  2. Google Photos – slowly becoming the place where all images and video go.
  3. YouTube – videos that I’ve created.   I do shoot video but don’t like editing, so what I do is very roughly cut.

A Gallery of Favorite photos from Flickr:

My All Time Favorite

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Fear the Survivors: The Fear Saga, Book 2
it was amazing
I'm really enjoying this series and jumped right into book three as soon as I finished with this one.
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