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In addition to scuba diving and photography, I have many additional hobbies and interests.

Old Postcards

I have an extensive collection of old postcards with most of them being over 100 years old.  Postcard collecting was a huge fad with billions of cards mailed every year all around the world.  Everyone had a postcard collection book in their living room.  Postcards were used like modern day texting to quickly and cheaply connect with clients, families, and friends.   The Golden Age of Postcards lasted from around 1901 to 1916 – the end date was partially caused by the start of World War I because most fine cards were printed by German printers.   The growing popularity of the telephone also saw the decline of postcard collecting.

There are still many people today, however, who love to collect postcards, especially old ones, because they are glimpses into the past.  I specialize in the following topics:

  1. San Francisco Cliff House
  2. Sutro Baths
  3. Redwood City


I’ve always been very interested in new technology and an early adopter.    I was the first to have a computer at college, a Commodore 64 in 1987 and an early user of the internet, chatting with people online on MIRC.   As I got more familiar with the birth of the Internet, I started to learn HTML and to make my websites.  This lead to my current career as a web specialist.  This pattern continued as new sites started like Google, Facebook, and other social media sites.  I was usually the first person I knew who was using or trying the newest online technology.

I’m also a “gadget hound.”    I love new kitchen gadgets – my wife doesn’t like me watching infomercials for this reason.  I also enjoy being the first to get new devices in the area of photography and scuba diving.

Here are currently some of my newest gadgets.

  • Samsung Oculus VR Gear
  • Samsung 360 Gear
  • Drones

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Ed's bookshelf: read

San Francisco's Jewel City: The Panama -Pacific International Exposition of 1915
it was amazing
The complete history of the 1915 PPIE - lovely illustrations and details from the beginning until the end. Great book for the 100th anniversary of the last great classic World Fairs.
tagged: california-history
The Atlantis World
really liked it
Good finish to the trilogy with much of the story set in the aliens past.
tagged: sci-fi-fantasy
The Atlantis Plague
really liked it
tagged: sci-fi-fantasy
liked it
This one I was so so about compared to the last which I thought was a very original story. Like everything zombie, after a while it all seems to start to repeat and is anything ever going to be resolved or come to an end? We'll see what ...
tagged: sci-fi-fantasy
Fear the Survivors: The Fear Saga, Book 2
it was amazing
I'm really enjoying this series and jumped right into book three as soon as I finished with this one.
tagged: sci-fi-fantasy

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