Bryant's Crack Dive Site, top side, Beach Hopper 2Here is the data of my last dive day on March 4th, 2012.  I was on board the Beach Hopper 2, Mary Sue had some great sugar cookies that went fast.   The conditions on the surface were wonderful and the sea was flat.  We saw a couple of gray whales in the distance.

Under the water, the vis was very good — between 20 and 30 feet.  The water was cold, however, with a nice upwelling that dropped the temperature in the high 40s.  The only downside to the day was  that I had camera problems and got no underwater photos.

Dive 1: New Valley, Carmel, CA

Time: 45 minutes
MAX. Depth: 103 FT
Avg Depth: 55 FT

Nice site with good rocks supporting hydrocoral and anemone.

Stats from Dive 456 - New Valley Dive Site, Carmel, CA

Dive 2: Bryant’s Crack, Carmel, CA
Time: 30 minutes
MAX Depth: 82 FT
Avg Depth: 50 FT

Wonderful site — first time here with valley’s and dive through.  There were many invertebrates on the rocks and we saw a nice octopus who just sat there and watched us the whole time.

Dive stats for Bryant's Crack, Carmel California

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