Welcome To My Website

Welcome to the website of Ed Bierman, a resident of Redwood City California.   I am an avid cold water scuba diver, collector of old postcards and passionate about new technology as it relates to healthcare.

This site also includes professional information about my work as a web manager, technologist, and UX expert.   I often try out new WordPress plugins and other technologies on this site as experiments for work.    You may experience some issues at times if something new isn’t working correctly.

Professional Background

15+ years of experience directing web/online strategies, technology innovation in healthcare and UX design expertise.


Semi-professional experience in photography, especially underwater photos and video.

Scuba Diving

Discover the underwater wonders that I’ve explored as an avid cold water diver.

Other Interests

Learn about the many interests that I have including postcard collecting, books, new technology and IoT

Interested in Your Own Website?

I do create and support a number of small business and hobby sites using WordPress technology.   I work hard to meet your expectations and quickly build a site at a low cost to you.   Using WordPress, I can train you to use the power of the most popular site management tool in the world to manage your own site.

Contact me today for a consultation.